4 ways to address security for physical documentation

Securing cloud-based communication and data storage systems is a major task for virtual office managers. With many tech gadgets computing company data across geographic areas, it's important to shore up vulnerabilities in tech platforms. However, another area of data protection that might go overlooked is the security of paper documents. 

Virtual offices are designed to minimize the physical paper trail of a standard commercial operation. However, some records, discussions and other sensitive materials still make their way into hard copy. Here are some ways to reduce the spread of information into physical forms that are harder to keep track of across disparate workspaces:

  1. Set clear guidelines. Make sure your employees are aware of what information is appropriate to print on their home computers. Without setting clear rules, innocent lapses in judgment can compromise the security of data you thought was safe in the cloud. 
  2. Caution against hard copies as a rule. Remind your staff that working from the cloud is convenient and vetted for security. Reduce the need for printing and re-scanning with electronic forms, notation methods and a clear system. Eliminate situations where it might be more convenient for a professional to work from a hard copy. 
  3. Prioritize IT competency. An employee with a strong grasp of online editing or spreadsheet management is less likely to print pages needlessly. Through the hiring and training process, make sure your staff is up to speed with core tech skills. 
  4. Outfit your employees with paper shredders. As more firms embrace bring-your-own-device policies, one piece of equipment that might be worth supplying to your staff is a good paper shredder. Document destruction is much less expensive than damage control that can result from a data or information breach. You might also explore third-party options for secure destruction. 

Following these tips will help your virtual team keep the lid on important data. 

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