Finding Out What Customers Really Want with Surveys

The best way to gauge the success of a product or service is through customer feedback. In the current world of digital innovations, written mail in surveys have all been phased out by the internet. Online surveys are a common feature of some websites that depend on client response for improvements. How do you ensure the customer surveys yield desired results? Here are a few ways to get the responses you want.

Make it Easy

No one wants to fill out a lengthy online form. Loss of interest and boredom will leave you with incomplete data. While preparing the list of questions, use few words. Get straight to the point and make the questions easy to answer. The most popular questionnaires are multiple choice and check boxes. In other words, don’t fill your survey with a lot of text boxes that require writing.

Keep it Short

The number of questions should be 10 or less to avoid losing the respondent. Here is a guide to organizing the contentFinding Out What Customers Really Want with Surveys 2

Remain focused on the core objectives, avoid random irrelevant questions

Concentrate on the key points, ask the most important questions only

Avoid questions that are over ambitious

Offer Some Incentives

A lot of respondents will feel inspired to fill in an online survey if they are going to get something in return. In that case, you should consider the use of incentives to attract more respondents. You can offer a discount, a raffle or even a freebie for everyone who responds.

Take the Responses Seriously

The main reason why most people skip online survey forms is they feel their say won’t matter. If you have a history of acting on customer input, they will not shy away from giving you the feedback you require. Let the clients feel appreciated for taking time off their busy schedules to answer your questions. Show your clients you care by acting on what they say and you’ll earn their allegiance forever.

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