10 Ways to Get More Done in a Day

If you have been looking for ways to be more productive you have come to the right place! We’ve got 10 awesome ways to get more done each day.

  1. Only check your email twice a day – If you can get away with it only do it once a day, but don’t check your email all day long because it will constantly distract you from tasks you should be focusing on.
  2. Get offline – If you are working in an industry that requires being plugged in all day this will be slightly more difficult, but you should at least avoid time sucking websites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc… If you have to use social media at least consider using a platform such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck so that you won’t be tempted to scroll the pages of friends and family.
  3. Outsource tasks – If there are things you simply don’t have time for that are taking up too much of your day hand them off. On Point Executive Center can help with this by that way. Click here to read about our virtual assistant services.
  4. Get up earlier and start working earlier – One of the best times to get things done is when no one can bug you. For some people this means getting up before everyone else.
  5. Take a walk – If you are having trouble focusing take a 10-15 minute stroll. Sometimes clearing your mind for this brief amount of time is all you need to get back to work.
  6. Have a healthy lunch – One reason some people have unproductive afternoons is they eat something unhealthy at lunch leaving them sluggish.
  7. Go to bed early the night before – Getting enough sleep works wonders for productivity.
  8. Use lists – If you have a knack for a little A.D.D. at work consider making a list of things you need to do each day and checking them off as you do them.
  9. Avoid long and unnecessary meetings – There’s a joke going around on social media right now about employees that survived a meeting that could have been an email. If you have something to address that could have been handled with a phone call or email do that instead of wasting valuable time.
  10. Drink more water throughout the day – The more dehydrated you get the more likely you are to get sluggish and unproductive. Put some pep in your step and have some H20!

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