10 Gifts for the Working Dad

Sunday, June 21, 2015 is Father’s Day and if you haven’t yet gotten your working dad a gift, you’re in luck because we have 10 awesome gift ideas! The best part? None of them are boring old ties!

10 Gifts for the Working Dad

1. A Journey Marker – This is a personalized sign with mile markers pointing to your dad’s favorite destinations with actual mileages listed on it. Huge shout out to Dae Sheridan for posting this on her Facebook page and making us aware of this wonderfully unique gift idea!
2. A tablet – You could buy a Kindle Fire, iPad, Samsung or some other brand. Fill it with awesome apps and some of your dad’s favorite books should the mood strike you. 3.
4. A monthly massage membership – What better way for dad to unwind than with a gift that keeps on giving? You can buy him as many months as you want on a gift certificate via places like Massage Envy.
5. Dollar Shave Club – Have you heard of this awesome monthly club? Choose between three different blades and adjust the frequency you want fresh razors to arrive and you will never go without a sharp razor again. Money saving websites rave about this club because they say that the blades you get are significantly cheaper and of better quality than those in stores.
6. A TV Streaming Stick – Chromecast by Google, Fire TV by Amazon or Roku by, well Roku. Basically, each streaming sticks turn your television into a streaming device to watch things like Netflix or Amazon Prime without the need for a bulky box setup, computer, gaming console or an HDMI cable.

10 Gifts for the Working Dad 2
7.  The 14-in-1 tool – The working dad doesn’t have time to be looking for hammers and bottle openers and screw drivers and pliers and the other 10 things this multi-tool comes with. He’s busy! So get him the Swiss Army Knife of all Swiss Army Knives – Macgyver would be proud!

10 Gifts for the Working Dad 3
8. A portable hammock – After dad’s long day at work he might just want to lay outside for a while. Doing so is much easier with a hammock and giving him one he can take anywhere just adds to the fun of this gift!

10 Gifts for the Working Dad 4
9. A gift basket of dad’s favorites – If you want to give something that has a homemade touch to it, consider a gift basket. We particularly liked this one from Terry Ann’s Treasures because its theme was another word for dad – “Pop”! It was filled with things that had pop in the name too including pop tarts, popcorn, pop chips and Tootsie pops! How cool is that?
10. A home-made coupon book filled with his favorite things (ie: back scratches, bowl of pop-corn, breakfast in bed, first dibs on the remote control)

P.S. – If you procrastinated and the gift won’t be here in time for Father’s Day, here’s an awesome idea. Simply print out a picture of what the gift is and simply add the delivery date to the bottom and wrap up the image in a card or box!

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