Cost Savings of a Virtual vs. Traditional Office Space [Infographic]

Cost Savings of a Virtual vs. Traditional Office Space


The appeal of a virtual office is clear to many professionals: more time spent with family, enhanced work-life balance and fewer office distractions. These benefits can help organizations realize the myriad advantages of an engaged, motivated workforce. When morale is high and employees are engaged, team members are not only willing to spend more time working, they are also more productive during those hours.

With a virtual office, your workspace is wherever you may find yourself that day. Your living room, the beach or your hotel lounge can all become a hub of productivity with the right set-up.

Advancements in technology have made working remotely more effective and affordable than ever before. As tools such as shared documents and video conferencing diminish our need to be tethered to an office desk, organizations are realizing the many advantages of the virtual office.

A virtual office has also emerged as a powerful recruiting and employee retention tool. For organizations looking to build committed, top-performing teams, the option to work remotely can help draw in the right candidates.

Of course, the cost savings of a virtual office can not be ignored. Especially with the full suite of "On Demand" services offered by On Point Executive Center, a virtual office is the ideal solution to find success in today's volatile and competitive marketplace.

With the cost of office space rapidly rising, organizations can eliminate unnecessary and expensive overhead costs by embracing the numerous advantages of going virtual. With over 30 years combined experience in the virtual office and executive suites industry, On Point can help you to reach your business goals and take your brand to new heights.

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