Thank you Cabot. Thank you Badger. Thank you Reward Volunteers.

Last week I came home to find this box on my doorstep.  I opened it up and found a sweet note from Badger along with a bunch of their fabulous products.  The note expressed their thanks for my volunteer service in my community.  How did they know I volunteer?  I logged my volunteer hours (when I remembered) on this site https://rewardvolunteers.coop .

Cabot partners with awesome companies to reward volunteers, and the organizations you volunteer for, with prizes (including cash) for your service. Last month I served approximately 30 hours between my kid’s school (organizing their media library and installing new bulletin boards), Charity Chics, Dress for Success (modeling for their annual fashion show and delivering clothing to their corporate office) and providing computer services and auction prep for St Josephs Hospital Foundation.  Each month my volunteer hours vary depending on what is happening in the organizations I work with.

Why do I volunteer?  It’s simple; I love people and love serving others.  Volunteering takes my mind off of my own wants and needs and onto the needs of others.  I believe that God has given each of us certain gifting’s that come naturally.  What is easy for one person to do is difficult for another.  When we work together and lovingly serve one another our needs are met and the organizations we are passionate about thrive.  Volunteering helps me to be a servant vs self serving.

Registering your organization and volunteers is free and easy.  You can also list the volunteer opportunities you have available and find new help from groups of people who have a heart for your types of services.

p.s. Cabot nor Badger asked me to write this post.  I just couldn’t accept such a sweet unexpected gift without sharing the goodness behind the gesture.  We all know that Cabot does have the best cheese available to man…but I dare you to find a better lip balm than the one that Badger sent me.  For real  T H E   B E S T!  Try it and share the love!


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