Moms in Business – Fitting in the Work

Many moms dive into the life of entrepreneurship as a way to stay at home with their children. If you are amongst the mompreneurs of the world then you likely already know how hard it can be to try and run a business while raising your kids. Here are some simple ideas you can use to fit the work into your spare moments:

– Hustle during naptime: Save the work you need the most focus for when the little one goes into dreamland. As soon as they are sleeping jump into your business and get as much done as you can!

– Hire a sitter for a couple of hours: If you are in serious need of a baby break for your business consider hiring someone to watch your kids. Even better would be to do a babysitting ring with fellow business mommies so that you each share a shift of childcare a few days a week.

– Work around their schedule: If your kids typically watch a favorite show at 2:30 p.m. each day and you know you will get peace and quiet for 30 minutes to an hour then it’s time to work it hard during that show! If you know your kids get antsy after lunch and need more attention stick to morning hours for your work.

– Outsource tasks: The more you can delegate, the less you need to do and the more you can focus on the kids.

– Give the kids some “work”: Letting your child feel like they are helping you work creates a sense of independence and pride for your kids while allowing you to get more done at the same time.

– Wake up before the kids: If you seriously need extra time in your business and day time adjustments aren’t cutting it, maybe you just need to get up an hour or two earlier each day. It’s not ideal, but it will give you complete focus on your business if you need it.

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