Karen Gillman—a woman respected, admired and accomplished.

Karen Gillman—a woman respected, admired and accomplished. She’s our VP at On Point Executive Center, Co-Owner of Charity Chics, and Ambassador of Working Women of Tampa Bay. The newest hat she wears is that of published author. Her new book, It’s Never Too Late, has been keeping her busy with interviews and book signings. Nevertheless, she still finds a way to get everything done. A business owner for over 11 years, Karen says her secret weapon to tackling each busy day is a prioritized to-do list. She finds that keeping her list updated daily and sticking to it, helps her stay on track.

backOf all the titles she’s been given over the years, the title she is most proud to have is that of mother. Her two beautiful, adoring children are Olivia, 4 and Ayden, 2. When asked about the greatest reward of motherhood she answered, “It’s seeing myself—both the good and the bad—through the eyes of my children.  When I recognize a behavior that I know they have learned from me, it reminds me of the importance of my job as a mom.” Her advice for other hard working moms is to strive to maintain a work-life balance. She says, “Stick to the formula you believe in. Mine is God, husband, family, and then work. Girlfriends and personal time are a priority. We must never take for granted the gifts (children) that have been entrusted to us. They are ours to love, teach, nurture, and care for as we want them to in turn care for others.”


Another strong woman that has influenced Karen’s life is her treasured friend, Wilda Bowdoin. Her first friend upon moving to Plant City in 2004, theirs is a friendship of love, acceptance and transparency. “She is a great example of a Godly woman who is loved as a devoted wife, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, co worker and friend. I can only hope to leave such a legacy.”

Thank you, Karen for sharing with us and for being such an inspiration to so many!  Happy Mother’s Day


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