Juggling Tips for Mompreneurs

Juggling Life and Work as a Mompreneur is NOT for the Faint at Heart!

Many moms dive into the life of entrepreneurship to stay at home with their children. Little do they know just how hard it is to do it well.  If you are seasoned in the world of entrepreneurship, then you probably already know how hard it can be to try to run a business while raising kids. To make life just a little bit easier, we thought we would share a few simple pointers to help you perfect the art of juggling!

­­Be Present:

The purpose of being a stay at home mom is to be present in your children’s lives.  Set a schedule and be intentional as to when you are going to devote time to work and when you are devoted to the kids.  Give each area of your life your best. If you try to do both at the same time one will suffer.  Your patience will run thin and you end up being short with your children or skimp on your work.


Ask for help:

Hire a sitter for a couple of hours.  Say yes when a neighbor or friend offers to come over and lend a helping hand. Everyone needs help once in a while.

If you are in serious need of a baby break, or you find yourself falling behind in your business, consider hiring someone to step in and help so you can get caught up. An even better idea would be to do a trusted babysitting-share with fellow business mommies so that you each share a shift of childcare a few days a week. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Plan your work around your home life:

If you are working from home, respect your workplace (and your co-workers).  If your kids typically watch a favorite show at 2:30 p.m. each day and you know you will allow you 30 minutes to an hour of concentrated time, then put it on the schedule! If you know your kids get antsy after lunch and need more attention stick to morning hours for work and play hours for the afternoon.

Delegate tasks:

The more you can outsource, the more time you can free up for planning.  [WARNING; SHAMELESS PLUG TO FOLLOW]

We happen to have a great referral for outsourcing office work to!   Give us a call with your to-do list (813) 350-7800.

Wake up before the kids:

Your morning routine sets the tone for the home for the day.  Take the time you need to refresh with a devotion, enjoy a cup of coffee and prioritize the day ahead.  Enjoy all of the perks of working from home – especially the ones that leave you energized to meet all of the demands of the day.

Take a break:

Sometimes your child/children’s naptime will also become your naptime. There’s nothing worse than a burnt-out mompreneur. Take a break when you need it. Rest is a vital part of your success.  Both your business and your family need you to be at your best and recognizing when you need some time to yourself is important.

Enjoy the kids:

The whole point of working from home while raising your children is so that you can enjoy them.  Take quality time to rock them to sleep, read a story, take a short doggy walk, listen to their stories.

Limit social media:

Limit the amount of screen time you allow yourself.  Ask yourself, is it a priority?  Is it necessary?  Is it growing my business or raising my kids?  If the answer is no, put it down.  Face to face vs Facebook.

Remember, you are your children’s greatest teachers.  They will mimic what they see you do.

We hope a few of these work-life balance tips have resonated with you.  Check back with us from time to time for more #onpoint info shared on this blog.     #weop     #onpoint


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