Educating and Motivating Kids with A Toy from Our Past

What does a YoYo have to do with improving kids education experience?

I want you to meet my new friend, NED. I met NED on my flight home earlier this month. I noticed a gentleman offering the steward a yoyo in exchange for a cup of water. So, when this same gentleman asked me if I would wait for a second while he put his bag away before passing, my sarcastic self couldn’t help but say “sure, for a yoyo!”

What I found when I looked up the web address imprinted on the yoyo reaffirms my belief that when people cross paths, it’s never a mistake! As it turns out, this NED guy is pretty cool and has a great program going to empower and educate our kids!

The TheNedShow focuses on school-wide character education programs for K-9 kids. “NED is a loveable cartoon character whose name is an acronym for Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best. Teachers love that NED is simple, relatable, and kid-focused.” That part is easy to understand. But why yo-yos? Why is this man traveling with a ready-supply of this seemingly old-fashioned toy?

For the past 25 years, the NED Show has incorporated yo-yos and yo-yo tricks into its assembly program. It helps keep the kids focused on the presentation and provides a memorable experience. Additionally, Schools can choose to participate in the pay-it-forward option to pay for the assembly program through the sale of NED yo-yos prior to the school assembly.

The NED Show program seeks to partner with schools to improve student behavior, strengthen test scores, enrich instructional time, increase academic achievement, complement existing school themes, and enhance the motivational climate at school. 

Click here to preview the NED show and learn more about this school assembly program.  And the next time you cross paths with a branded piece of collateral, I hope you find a website and initiative that is as cool as this one!

Karen Gillman, VP at On Point

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