Easy Hack for Hanging Corbels or Art with Industrial Hangers

If you have ever tried to hang a piece of art that has an industrial hanger – you know what a challenge it can be!  Getting the screws installed perfectly is almost impossible!  Frustration be gone!  We have cracked the perfect hack for hanging corbels and other heavy weighted items that come with this type of hanger!

Step by Step Instructions Followed by Pictures


  1. Turn corbel over so that the side with the hanger is facing you.
  2. Cut a piece of masking tape long enough to cover the length from hanger to hanger.  ***for perfect installation, line the tape up with the very top of the corbel.
  3. With an ink pen, make a mark at the exact place the screw will sit.  This the top of the hanger – not the larger part of the hole.
  4. With a nail, lightly pierce the hole.

Complete Step 1 – 5 for each corbel or piece of art.  Each piece will need its own template.


  1. Carefully remove tape from back of corbel and place it on the wall where you are hanging your piece.
  2. Drill a hole at the place where you marked with pen.
  3. Screw in screw until the head is about 1/5 from the wall.
  4. Hang your corbel but pushing the piece onto the screw and then pulling down gently until you feel the screw slip into place.






This hack was proudly uncovered by our VP, Karen S. Gillman.  After years of frustration of trying to hang decor with Industrial Hangers she threw in the towel determined to uncover a better way!  A short sit on her front patio mixed with a dose of common sense – hack uncovered!

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