Don’t Ignore Negative Posts on Your Social Media Pages

In the age of social media we live in businesses have profiles across several platforms from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to LinkedIn and some have even more than that. One of the downsides to having public pages is that if a customer has a negative experience they can post a negative review, but when this happens you should not ignore it and you most certainly should not delete it. Here’s what you should do instead:

1. Respond! In fact, you should be responding to any reviews whether they are positive or negative. By not responding to reviews you look like you don’t care what people think. Thank people for positive reviews, but if it’s negative find out why.

2. Offer an apology publicly and let them know they are welcome to contact you privately with their complaint. Then, take the conversation offline to handle the matter.

3. Make it right! Be courteous and listen to the customer to figure out how you can make it right and then do whatever you can to rectify the situation.

4. You could ask the customer to remove the post after the situation is resolved; however there is an alternative if this makes you feel uncomfortable. Post to the original thread that you were happy you were able find a resolution and you’re thankful for the customer’s business. This shows the public that instead of running from the bad post you took action and made it right.

5. Continue your social media posts as normal.

Of course, this set of actions is the best case scenario. Unfortunately, there is the chance that no matter what you do the customer will not be satisfied.

Kristin Vogt a.k.a. SocialKristin had this to add:

Customer relations should always be of the utmost importance, for your customers are the ones that help build your empire.. At the same time, the customer needs to respect that errors are made at times and they should truly value when a company does the right thing and makes every effort to resolve the issue at hand to make the customer happy!”

If they become belligerent and leave foul language and you have no choice but to remove the comment state it to your fans so they know you didn’t just delete it uncaringly. In the event the user continues to be inappropriate or hostile you have the last resort option of banning them from commenting, but hopefully it won’t come to that.

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