DIY Vendor Table Game for Kids or Kids Alike!

I recently attended a vendor expo and enjoyed isles of shopping and discovery.  As I was shopping at one of the tables the assistant pulled out a small game and began entertaining my son. I thought it was so clever of her and the diversion tripled my shopping time as my son wasn’t so pressing to move on to the next booth.

Over the next month I thought about what I could make or bring to my next show to duplicate her creative efforts.  Although my DIY game isn’t anything like hers, I do love the outcome!

I started with a piece of wood that had been used as a base for glass votive candles.  Some of the glass had broken over time, but I saved the base thinking it could be used for something else.  Sure enough – it came in handy for this DIY!  With a handful of milk jugs, some durable glue and some colorful kids toys I was able to whip up this one-of-a-kind trade show treasure.

I started by swiping the top of each milk jug lid with nail polish remover to remove the expiration date.  ***Disclaimer:  we are crazy crafters in our home.  We save caps, lids, wood bases and anything else that looks interesting and repurposable.  


Then I glued one colorful plastic toy to the top of each lid.  I chose toys that would appeal to both boys and girls and varied interests.




The game:  A child will lift the lid of their choice to see if there is a penny in the hole.  No penny = a piece of candy or no prize.  Penny = a prize from the goodie bowl.

We hope it brings a smile and just the right amount of distracted time for the accompanied adult to shop our table!


On Point Executive Center hosts 5 Expos a year.  Please contact info@onpointexecutivecenter.com to be added to our mailing list and event info.  If you have vendor’ed with us in the past, you are on the list!

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