Client Spotlight- Nicole Carver

Do you ever wish you had two of you to help you with daily tasks for work and personal life? Nicole Carver of Carver Concierge is one of our amazing On Point Executive Center clients and she helps you accomplish your to-do list in half the time by acting as the second you! From simple tasks such as picking up the groceries or dry cleaning to the more complex such as coordination of travel, your daily schedule and more Carver Concierge can help you to get more done in a day.

nicolce carver 2

Nicole is truly one of those amazing Jane of all trades and her knowledge base runs the gamut of relocation assistance for professionals or military personnel moving to a new area to helping college students acclimate to their new surroundings.

Says Karen Gillman, VP of On Point, ‘I’ve known Nicole for several years and would trust her with any of my business or home needs. She is one-in-a-million and a joy to work with. From booking travel, transitioning college kids from home to dorm, to organizing schedule needs – Nicole is your gal!’

The goal of Carver Concierge is to give your self the gift of time. With Nicole on your side your to-do list gets done faster. So, the next time you find yourself wishing you had a two of you, hire Nicole!

nicole carver carver concierge

To learn more about Nicole and Carver Concierge, visit her company’s website.

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