50th Birthday Gift to Remember

Looking for a memorable birthday gift for the person who appears to have everything?  Check out this creative bag of delights sure to bring a smile to any recipient

I celebrated my 50th Birthday at the end of May. Everyone knows that birthdays are a celebration of life. It’s your day. Birthdays are also a time for other people to share in your life. It’s a time to reminisce over treasured moments you’ve shared, or how you met. This year, Jessica asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her “a white cake from Publix with buttercream frosting and ten minutes on the couch with a fork.” I was beyond thrilled, when friends dropped by On Point to celebrate and share my very special day.

Seeing everyone was gift enough, but, I can’t help but mention the creativity that went into this gift from dear friend and ghost blogger, Ashley Grant (CHECK OUT “The Famous Ashley Grant” blog).

Ashley filled a bag with items she had collected and attached meaningful sentiment to each one.

I wanted to give you a gift with meaning so here’s what I came up with. Each item in your gift bag has a meaning attached to it.   Love you.  Happy Birthday and Happiness Always – Ashley (Famous) Grant 2017

  • Hand written card with a description of each item.

    Bandaids in case you get hurt

    Pen & Paper to write your heart out

    Snickers to remind you to laugh

    An eye mask so you’ll have restful sleep

    Bubble bath to remind you to pamper yourself

    A level to always keep things balanced

    Rubber bands – to stretch yourself

    Blow Pops to blow off your frustrations

    A deck of cards to remind you life should be filled with happy play

    Tissues for when things get emotional

    An eraser for when you need a do-over

    A padlock to keep your secrets

    Paper clips to help you keep your stuff together

    Whiteout to repair mistakes you make along the way

    Baby wipes for when life gets messy

    Scissors to cut out bad habits

    M&M with Peanuts to remind you that even though there are nuts, life is still sweet

  • And lastly, 100 Grand Candy Bars to tell you that your friendship is worth  fortune to me!

Who would expect anything less from a highly sought out ghost blogger! Ashley has a way with words and it appears as though blogging isn’t where her creativity ends.  Thanks for the sweet bag of treats Ashley!  You are the best.


When you are searching for the perfect gift for that person who appears to have everything, remember that it is often the simple things in life which are the most treasured. Often the best gift, is just being there for a shared moment, a warm smile, a treasured story, and of course plenty of buttercream frosting!

Thanks to everyone who shared my amazing 50th Birthday with me.

I love you all-


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