5 Tricks to Getting More Traffic to Your Site! Now That’s a Treat!

By now we all know that just because you build your company’s website doesn’t mean that people will instantly start visiting it regularly. Unfortunately, building it is just the beginning of the work required. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to get web traffic and for this Halloween TRICK or TREAT post we’re giving you 5 tricks to getting more traffic to your website:

1. Put valuable content on your site with keywords that people will likely be typing into search engines. Yes, this is search engine optimization (SEO) in it’s most basic sense. For example, let’s say your business is party planning for children’s parties. You would want to include content on your site that says things like “children’s party planners in Tampa” because that is something that would likely be searched.

2. Include your website link in your email signature, on your social media profiles and on your LinkedIn Page. This is especially great for every new contact you meet because one of the first things they will do after they meet you is look you up. Having your link available on your pages and signature gives them a fast way to peruse your website.

3. Guest post on other business’s websites. When you give content to a page they usually will thank you with a link back to your website. Read more about how to guest post here.

4. Comment on blogs relevant to your business’s niche. When you post insightful and useful comments on other business’s blogs there is usually a field that allows you to include your website.

5. Link to your best content on twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest– every social media outlet you can think of. Use a great photo and killer hashtags with an attention grabbing headline and before you know it people will begin to trickle in.

We all desire for our future customers and followers to stumble upon our site once it is up and running. The truth is that having great content doesn’t mean people are going to swarm to you and your valuables. Although we all love ice-cream, no one will know about the brand new Ice-cream parlor down the street unless there is some engagement behind the grand opening. The same is true for a blog. We hope you enjoyed these 5 Tricks to driving more traffic to your site.

But wait, these tips are just the beginning! For a list of more than 100 ways to drive traffic to your business’s website, click HERE.

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